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'Intelligence-led' takes a significant step up at STOP THE TRAFFIK Group.

In its continuing mission to stop trafficking and exploitation, STOP THE TRAFFIK Group today announces that it will take an important and decisive step forward in its intelligence-led approach.

Having firmly established its practice of using analysis of survivor experience in quantity and its networks to successfully focus its prevention work over the last decade, STOP THE TRAFFIK Group will significantly enhance its practice.

We will draw on the strongest repository of survivor narratives using cutting-edge technology and analytics from Traffik Analysis Hub along with its extraordinary global network of partners to generate strategic assessments and intervention and safeguarding opportunities under the guidance of its Intelligence Oversight Group.

About the Intelligence Oversight Group

Drawing on Traffik Analysis Hub’s survivor narratives and other sources, the Intelligence Oversight Group is led by Neil Giles, Director of Intelligence for STOP THE TRAFFIK Group and guided by the exceptional intelligence services expertise of; Suzanne Raine, Major General John Paterson, Nicholas Fishwick, Dr Bill Peace, and Geraldine Lawlor.

This will prioritise all our activity on our analysis of the threat, allowing us to share what we know with partners by way of focused assessments and tactical intervention opportunities to safeguard victims or potential victims.

I’m hugely encouraged to be able to share more of our understanding of trafficking and exploitation with the support and guidance of the most qualified group of intelligence professionals”.

Neil Giles, Director of Intelligence, STOP THE TRAFFIK Group

Intelligence is something we learn and that is able to take us forward. Survivor stories must lead the way and technology enables us to share; this is why we built Traffik Analysis Hub, for everyone to use.

The opportunity to change the future is now.

What is Intelligence-led?

Being Intelligence-led means prioritising our interventions based on an understanding of prevalence and harm from our data collection and building our response on an analysis of the data sources and the experience of those who have excited exploitation and shared their story.

Our Intelligence-led approach allows us to focus our work and undermine the ability of the traffickers to recruit and helps build resilience in vulnerable places.

To learn more about our tech-enabled, intelligence-led approach click here.

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