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What is TA Hub?

STOP THE TRAFFIK and IBM have created the first ever global data hub to facilitate the sharing of information about human trafficking across all industries and sectors.

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The Challenge

Global efforts to counter human trafficking are ineffective and fragmented.

The recent rise of the internet and technology have made it easy for traffickers to recruit and exploit.

People exploited around the world
Generated profit to traffickers

Our Approach

Giving you a highly accessible map-based analysis of Human Trafficking tailored to your requirements.

Only by working together, by sharing our data safely and enhancing every participant’s ability to deliver, can we make a real and lasting impact on a global scale.

Our Partners

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Human slavery still exists. Can AI help curb this scourge? Jonathan Strickland
Neil Giles, CEO of the Traffik Analysis Hub, and John McGrath, Sr. Solution Architect at IBM, explain how the IBM Cloud®-based Hub, powered by IBM Watson®, helps organizations securely share and analyze data to help curb modern human slavery.
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Because we are at a time in history where working together on a global level is not just possible, it’s an imperative

By joining us, we can have a deeply powerful impact; more powerful than by working alone. This is your chance to be part of history and finally put an end to trafficking.

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