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Business and Commerce have an immense power to suppress the financial opportunities of trafficking. Business sectors that are disproportionately vulnerable to trafficking are identified from TA Hub data analysis. Hotspot data and typologies shared across these risk sectors will sensitise stakeholders to the issue and enable ways to fix potential issues, as well as future ones.

TA Hub Features That Benefit You

Map Analysis: Geospacial Analytics

Analysis Register: Collaboration Capabilities

News Explorer: The Visual Insights Tool from IBM Research. 


Risk Dashboard: Victim Centric, Recruitment Insights, and Trafficker Centric filterable and downloadable data.

Supply Chain Risk Assessment:  Import your supply chain information and run an assessment.

Secure APIs : Enter a specific query and pull out the data you are interested in.

Other Benefits: Get priority access to our conferences, attend participant only Analyst Calls and get 1 to 1 training sessions one of our specialists.

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