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Financial Institutions

Financial Institutions

Financial Insitutions are obliged to actively assess the risk of expose to money laundering and to act quickly if such actitives are suspected.

Access to a large and rich set of data that identifies risk business sectors and geographies will enable new and effective 'Know your Customer' work and will massively enhance due diligence action.

For Financial Insitutions drawing on the data analysis with TA Hub it is significantly more difficult for bad actors to target and abuse and therefore less likely to be a choice for the deposit and transfer of the proceeds of trafficking related crime.

Partner Offerings

Red Flag Accelerator: We have worked with Red Compass to create a library of typologies of Red Flag Transactions for the Financial Industry that you can important into your transaction monitoring systems and have indications of human trafficking-related transaction patterns -  a real time alterting system.

TA Hub Features That Benefit You

Map Analysis: Geospacial Analytics

Analysis Register: Collaboration Capabilities

News Explorer: The Visual Insights Tool from IBM Research. 


Risk Dashboard: Victim Centric, Recruitment Insights and Trafficker Centric filterable and downloadable data.

Supply Chain Risk Assessment:  Import your supply chain information and run an assessment.

Secure APIs : Enter a specific query and pull out the data you are interested in.

Other Benefits: Get priority access to our conferences, attend participant only Analyst Calls and get 1 to 1 training sessions with one of our specialists.

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