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Multi-Storey Library

Academic Institutions

Academic Institutions

One of the most important outcomes of TA Hub’s collaborative model is the emergence of an active and engaged research community centred around shared data. Academics and researchers are a key user group, developing research methodologies and data analysis techniques to draw valuable insights from the data. Trends, patterns, typologies and relationships present in the data are all revealed by researchers and shared via the TA Hub’s Analysis Register.

Collaboration between academics and other organisations and a commitment to sharing data and insights ensure that the intelligence community is well prepared to disrupt the activities of traffickers.

TA Hub Features That Benefit You

Map Analysis: Geospacial Analytics

Analysis Register: Collaboration Capabilities

News Explorer: The Visual Insights Tool from IBM Research. 


Risk Dashboard: Victim Centric, Recruitment Insights, and Trafficker Centric filterable and downloadable data.

Analyst Calls, Training and Events: Get priority access to our conferences, attend participant only Analyst Calls and get 1 to 1 training sessions with one of our specialists.

Academic Research Partnerships

Dr. Felipe Aros Vera - Ohio University : TA Hub Risk Assessment Model

Dr. Steven Jones - University of Alabama : Human Trafficking and the Transport Profession

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