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Non Government Organisations/ Not for Profit

Non-Government Organisations/
Not for Profit 

The NGO contribution is at the centre of TA Hub's value proposition. The collective knowledge of human trafficking as experienced by survivors and those on the front line helping them is consistently the missing element in informing preventative strategies against trafficking.

NGOs participating in TA Hub will be able to provide both narratives of survivor experiences and structured data about trafficking methodologies, recruitment and routes. They will also gain access to large volumes of open sources information. In addition, data contributions from financial partners into TA Hub will enable NGOs to determine local hotspots or trents based on the analysis of money flows.


As this global data accumulates, it will provide a highly detailed and granular global picture of trafficking and all participants will be better able to focus their trafficking prevention and intervention strategies.

TA Hub Features That Benefit You

Map Analysis: Geospacial Analytics.

Analysis Register: Collaboration Capabilities.

News Explorer: The Visual Insights Tool from IBM Research. 


Risk Dashboard: Victim Centric, Recruitment Insights, and Trafficker Centric filterable and downloadable data.

Other Benefits: Get priority access to our conferences, attend participant only Analyst Calls and get 1 to 1 training sessions with one of our specialists.

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