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A Message from STOP THE TRAFFIK to Sir Mo Farah

Thank you for the courage to share your story.

You told us “I’m not who you think I am”

We want to say you are already a brave inspiring athlete who did the impossible and broke records and won medals.

Our hero on the track.

And now you have shared another race you have been running, alone: a route that started in Somaliland and brought you to the UK. You have now found the extraordinary courage to share the truth that you were trafficked.

No medal, speech or title would ever come near to being able to express your bravery and the extraordinary strength of your human spirit to keep running such a life journey.

We may even be so bold as to agree - you aren’t who we thought you were - you are stronger and braver and now raising your voice of hope.

We remain committed and hope to respond with a fraction of such courage to fight to disrupt this global crime and to share what we know. Every time the light of transparency shines on this crime we take a step.

History will hold us to account for the race we run.

Thank you,


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