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On February 24th 2022, we knew we had the opportunity and responsibility to move fast, forward and together. To put our model to the test and see if we could get ahead of organised trafficking networks.

Our work utilises the connecting power of technology. When we collect information, no matter how small, we learn what’s happening on the ground, giving us a chance to predict what comes next. Every piece of data counts from an individual sharing a story on The STOP APP to a community sharing stories offline. Every voice matters.

We bring this information together into one safe, secure, and accessible place – the Traffik Analysis Hub. We have begun the revolution of sharing intelligence with everyone who plays a part in preventing harm and providing safety.

Driven by intelligence, we have reached over 4 million displaced people, predominantly women and children, fleeing the war in Ukraine with our geo-targeted digital prevention campaign.

We have become, for many, the trusted friend through their mobile phone and the essential company for millions in strange lands, even to those back in Ukraine who are facing new dangers. This is possible because we have built trusted networks, collaborating with over 30 organisations and signposting to those organisations offering practical help on the ground.

We have visualised routes, identified hotspots, and can evidence that we have been successful in disrupting the traffickers’ business model and degrading their ability to establish a routine of recruitment and exploitation.

Although we are encouraged, we must not stop. The longer a war perseveres, the more organised traffickers become. This war is far from over with many millions still in constant danger.

We must step up our resistance. Please join us as we seek to serve those who face vulnerability. Together, we can prevent harm and create safety.

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