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STOP THE TRAFFIK & Traffik Analysis Hub regularly monitor events that will likely impact operational, human rights, and supply chain risk and provide briefing notes. With the recent invasion of Ukraine leading to severe disruption of supply chains and causing a refugee crisis in Europe, STOP THE TRAFFIK & Traffik Analysis Hub has provided an updated downloadable briefing.

Please note that these are preliminary findings and are subject to change due to the current situation.

We are an intelligence-led organisation and our briefing covers insights such as:

  • Ukrainians have been exploited within this sector prior to the invasion. We will likely see more people displaced from Ukraine exploited as Southern Europe’s picking season is coming soon. This can be remediated by increased due diligence around recruitment practices.

  • Hotels and hospitality facilities were exposed to high-risk of sex trafficking taking place on their premises prior to the invasion. The current increased risk can be remediated by increased due diligence like awareness training and strengthening internal reporting mechanisms.

This updated briefing on Ukraine is a key to help notify businesses of potential routes and hotspots of exploitation, to draw conclusions as to whether or not further preventative action must be taken to avoid exploitation, and to offer recommendations for businesses who operate in at-risk areas due to the current conflict in Ukraine.

Download the latest STOP THE TRAFFIK Ukraine Briefing

Download our 6 May 2022 briefing here.

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