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Updated: Nov 18, 2021

London, United Kingdom (April 30TH, 2021) - Traffik Analysis Hub (TAHub), the world’s richest repository of stories of human trafficking, is pleased to welcome and announce that four new members will be joining its Board of Trustees. With backgrounds in Government Intelligence, Financial Services, Academia and International Asset Recovery, its new board members bring a wealth of experience and leadership which will assist TAHub in addressing the issue of modern slavery and human trafficking across every sector.

TAHub is an initiative aimed at helping organisations around the world combat the threat of human trafficking and exploitation within their businesses. TAHub is a unique collaboration between STOP THE TRAFFIK, IBM and Clifford Chance LLP. It was born out of a cross sector scoping in the Spring of 2017, and it is now the richest repository of stories of trafficking in a non-competitive and secure space, providing analysis and insights for every participant in every sector. Today, four years later, TAHub has more than 80 participants across a multitude of sectors around the world, including Law Enforcement, Business and Finance.

The New Board Members Include:

· Dr. Angie Henderson, Professor of Sociology at the University of Northern Colorado and co-founder of The Avery Center for Research and Services. · Nicholas Fishwick, Independent Advisor on Financial Crime and non-executive for HSBC and non-executive for Cambridge Quantum Computing. · Jacqueline Planner, accomplished Managing Director in Financial Services. · Gary Miller, International Litigator and co-founder and Chair of The International Fraud Group.

Our Traffik Analysis Hub is a daring global enterprise and counts itself fortunate to have found these extraordinarily skilled and experienced leaders who are prepared to give their time as Directors and Trustees to oversee our work and guide our development. Their engagement will significantly enhance our capability and capacity to disrupt trafficking and exploitation.

Neil Giles, CEO of Traffik Analysis Hub

The four new members join the existing board comprising Traffik Analysis Hub CEO, Neil Giles, and the following Directors and Trustees: Ruth Dearnley OBE, CEO STOP THE TRAFFIK, Bill Peace Intelligence and Money Laundering Advisor, STOP THE TRAFFIK, John McGrath Senior Solutions Architect IBM Tech for Good Ireland, Elaine Mitchel-Hill Business and Human Rights Director, Marshalls PLC and John Cusack Chairman, Global Coalition to Fight Financial Crime.

New Trustees Profiles

Dr. Angie Henderson, Professor of Sociology at the University of Northern Colorado and co-founder of survivor-led organisation, The Avery Center for Research and Services, brings her experience as an academic researcher to TAHub. As an academic researcher, Angie knows first-hand how difficult it is to gather data on such an insidious crime. Angie’s research background is in interviewing a community-based sample of victims and survivors of sex trafficking all of whom interacted with by health care professionals, banking systems and the travel, hospitality and tourism industry but were never identified as victims. After witnessing first-hand what our partner organisations have been able to accomplish in the short time TAHub has been around, Angie hopes to expand TAHub’s research further into the US and ultimately make it inhospitable for traffickers to do business.

Trafficking operations truly span the gamut of our economic landscape, and I can’t think of any sector that would not benefit from entering or extracting data from the Hub in the fight against exploitation; data sharing across sectors is key if we want to truly make a dent in human trafficking.

Dr. Angie Henderson

Nicholas Fishwick joins the board after 28 years working with the British Foreign Service where he was awarded the CMG for services to national security in 2009; he was also Head of Intelligence for HM Customs and Excise on drug trafficking and tax evasion. Retiring from gove

rnment in 2012, Nicholas joined HSBC as an independent adviser on financial crime. Still acting as an independent advisor and non-executive for the bank, he also pursues a number of pro bono activities and is a non-executive for Cambridge Quantum Computing.

I am delighted to become a trustee of TAHub as I care deeply about the evil of human trafficking. I believe part of the solution comes through collecting the right intelligence about human trafficking activity and I hope my experience in government and of financial crime can be put to good use for TAHub. I hope to help TAHub play an ever-growing part in preventing human trafficking globally.

Nicholas Fishwick

Jacqueline Planner is an accomplished Managing Director, with a track record successfully gained in financial services. She has worked at HSBC, Boston Consulting Group and Barclays Capital. Alongside Jacqueline’s extensive background in Risk, Governance and Strategy, she acted as an SME to the Bank Standards Board in the UK and sat on SWIFTS KYC Register committee. Jacqueline brings decades of involvement in Financial Services and 15 years of experience in Financial Crime to the board. In addition to Jacqueline’s experience in financial services, she has chaired or been a member of various boards including Conduct and Regulation.

I wanted to give something back into a charity that was fighting the same cause as I had for many years and I would like to see TAHub be deployed in every sector across the globe. It’s been the most rewarding and exhilarate start to this wonderful e

ngaged and committed charity. I feel very honoured.

Jacqueline Planner

Gary Miller joins the Board of Trustees as an International Litigator with over 44 years of experience, specialising in complex commercial disputes involving dishonesty, fraud and corruption. Gary has headed up Litigation Departments in two of Hong Kong’s leading firms and has also worked for the leading multi-national financial institutions in Asia. In 1991, Gary joined Mishcon de Reya and founded the Fraud Group which he led for over 15 years, pioneering the use of injunctions in the arena of asset recovery. During the course of his career in fighting financial crime, Gary co-founded the International Fraud Group which he Chairs and regularly advises international organisations on anti-bribery and corruption strategies. Gary also Heads up the Asia Desk for his firm.

I wanted to do something that was both important globally and at the same time use the skills I have acquired over the last 44 years in the financial crime arena. My goal is to help develop strategies to disrupt and disable the ‘facilitators’ who help the traffickers keep themselves anonymous and help them accumulate and launder their proceeds of crime. I hope to contribute at a strategic and implementation level to the future success of the Hub.

Gary Miller

Traffik Analysis Hub has the mission to challenge and break the errant economic equation that sustains human trafficking and exploitation through creating the world’s greatest repository of stories of trafficking and exploitation and building around it the largest multi-sector intelligence community. So that every actor, in every sector, has constantly improving access to intelligence insights which will enable participants to ask better questions, to investigate smarter, to undermine established recruiters and to spot the money flows.



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